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West-side Addition, Derek McSwain, 2015

Wilkes_Wilkesboro_Lincoln Heights School_9-1-15_DRM_ (24).JPG
A photo of the the west-side of Lincoln Heights showing the later addition to the school as seen by the change in brickwork.

Lincoln Heights/Various Buildings

Photographs of Lincoln Heights, additional classrooms, as well as the agricultural building.

Card From Jeremiah Osborne

A card from a Lincoln Heights student, Jeremiah Osborne, to Mrs. Grinton dated 1987.

"Dear Mrs. Grinton,

I liked the corn fritters and the butter churn. I liked your cooking. Thank you.

Jeremiah Osborne"

Thank You Card From Stephanie Johnson

KIC Image 0001.jpg
A thank-you letter from a Lincoln Heights student, Stephanie Johnson, to Mrs. Grinton.

"Dear Mrs. Grinton,

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the old furniture. I'm [going] to start keeping things of my childhood. The food was very good.…