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"Lincoln Heights Appears On Way To Being Leader Again"

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A news article published January 15, 1987 on the cleaning up of Lincoln Heights after its closure as a school.

"Lincoln Heights ties renewed as hundreds return Saturday"

This newspaper article by Jule Hubbard reports on the 1996 Lincoln Heights homecoming. Included is a history of the school, quotes from alumni on their experiences and memories of the school, and photos of alumni.

"Mitchell, Stevens Are To Be Honored"

This newspaper article from the Wilkes Journal-Patriot contains biographies of Felix Steven, Jr. and Wilton W. Mitchell, who were teachers at Lincoln Heights High School prior to its closure in 1968.

1955 Brown v. Board of Education Ruling

The Brown v. Board of Education ruling issued by the Supreme Court on May 31st, 1955, which deemed "separate but equal" schools unconstitutional. This reversed the 1897 Plessy v. Ferguson ruling which had enshrined racial segregation in American…

6 Retiring Teachers Honored by Board

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An article from the Willkes Journal-Patriot on the honoring of 6 teachers, including Mrs. Grinton (second from the right).

Building Inspection

A fax detailing the Wilkes County Inspections Department's July 8, 1997 inspection of the Lincoln Heights Rosenwald School.

Card From Jeremiah Osborne

A card from a Lincoln Heights student, Jeremiah Osborne, to Mrs. Grinton dated 1987.

"Dear Mrs. Grinton,

I liked the corn fritters and the butter churn. I liked your cooking. Thank you.

Jeremiah Osborne"