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  • Collection: Education and Career of Mrs. Grinton

Citizens Award for Elizabeth Grinton

An announcement of Elizabeth Grinton receiving the WKBC Citizens Award.

Winston-Salem Teachers College Registrar's Office

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A collection of Elizabeth Grinton's papers from Winston-Salem Teachers College.

Winston-Salem Teachers College Commencement Day Program

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A program for commencement day at Winston-Salem Teachers College

Elizabeth Grinton Pay Stub From Lincoln Heights

One of Elizabeth Grinton's pay stubs from Lincoln Heights.

Winston-Salem Teachers College Announcement

An announcement from Winston-Salem Teachers College about a ceremony led by Elizabeth Grinton.

High Point Public Schools Teaching Application

Elizabeth Grinton's teaching application for High Point Public Schools.

Winston-Salem Teachers College Commencement Announcement

An announcement of Elizabeth Grinton's graduation from Winston-Salem Teachers College

Teachers Application Form

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Elizabeth Grinton's teacher application form.

Elizabeth Ann Parks High School Diploma

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A copy of Elizabeth Ann Parks Grinton's high school diploma, awarded from Lincoln Heights High School.