Student Letters To Mrs. Grinton


Here you will find various letters written to Mrs. Grinton from previous students, showing the love the community had for her.

Letter from Robert Starling to Ms. Grinton
A letter and drawing to Elizabeth Grinton from one of her students, Robert Starling.

Card From Jeremiah Osborne
A card from a Lincoln Heights student, Jeremiah Osborne, to Mrs. Grinton dated 1987.

"Dear Mrs. Grinton,

I liked the corn fritters and the butter churn. I liked your cooking. Thank you.

Jeremiah Osborne"

Thank You Card To Mrs. Grinton
A card from a student thanking Mrs. Grinton for her cooking.

"Dear Mrs. Grinton,

I liked your cooking. You are one of my good friends. I liked your food. I liked your ginger snaps.

Love you,